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‘Sive’, by John B. Keane, is set in Ireland in the fifties. It is a time of harsh poverty and people are measured in terms of the land and the crops they possess. However, its themes are timeless - it teaches us how youth and innocence can be destroyed by greed and cynicism.

Students in Ireland today study ’Sive’ as part of the Leaving Cert English curriculum, helping them to learn how language shapes experience through style and context.

Ireland's national theatre, the Abbey Theatre, presented a new production in 2014 and required a resource pack to educate students about the play.

Sive article on laptop, desktop and iPhone devices

Inside the resource pack

Zero-G and The Abbey Theatre

Zero-G, one of Ireland's leading brand and communications agencies, was asked by The Abbey Theatre to produce a resource pack for students studying ’Sive’ to help them learn more about the production.

Woopie allowed us to reach the appropriate audience and adapt to fit with the Abbey Theatre’s house style.

— Stephen Ledwidge,
Design Director at Zero-G

Zero-G decided to use Woopie to help them build a resource pack that would look great and work across the wide range of devices, from desktops, to tablets, to mobiles, that students would use to access the resource pack.


Woopie worked with Zero-G to produce a custom design theme based on the Abbey Theatre's existing branding and identity.

This ensured that the The Abbey Theatre's style was carried through into the colours and typography, so that the Resource Pack had the same high standards of design that Zero-G brings to all the Abbey's materials.

Sive articles on iPad, desktop and iPhone devices

Inside the resource pack

Custom design elements were also developed for specific types of content, for example character boxes that highlighted the characters in the production, and allowed readers to quickly jump to specific characters.


The Abbey Theatre Resource Pack gives a fantastic overview to ’Sive’, providing an insight into the play’s history, themes, and characters.

Comparing and contrasting with other works, such as ’The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ helps students find the universal themes that connect stories, no matter how apart they may be in style or genre.

The Abbey Theatre were very happy with the outcome and reaction to the pack has been very positive. We hope to use Woopie again for future resource packs both with the Abbey Theatre and other digital publishing projects.

— Stephen Ledwidge, Design Director at Zero-G

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We are looking for adventurous digital publications

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